“Storytelling Through Stereography Industry Panel” by Abramovich, Neuman, Hollander, Engle and Crawford

  • ©Dan Abramovich, Robert Neuman, Joshua Hollander, Rob Engle, and Robert Crawford




    Storytelling Through Stereography Industry Panel


Project Affiliation:

    Blue Sky Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, and DreamWorks Animation


    This panel brings together the Stereoscopic supervisors from some of the leading studios in the computer animation industry to discuss the artistry of the Stereo process and to show how storytelling is enhanced through the use of stereo.
    From the beginning, stereography has been seen as either a gimmick, a trend, or a technical process done in post production. But now, stereography has moved into the filmmakers tool belt – filmmakers have begun using stereography to raise and lower the emotional temperature of a film in the same way as lighting, color, composition, and the choice of lens.
    In this panel we will discuss the varied approaches that each studio has used. We will discuss our individual philosophies and our interactions with the directors in the execution of each of our films. We will present specific examples from recent movies.

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