“Stories the ocean tells us: the making of “Moana”” by Shurer, Odermatt, Driskill, Mayeda and Lusinsky

  • ©Osnat Shurer, Kyle Odermatt, Hank Driskill, Dale Mayeda, and Adolph Lusinsky




    Stories the ocean tells us: the making of "Moana"


Project Affiliation:

    Walt Disney Animation Studios


    Telling the story of “Moana” became one of the most ambitious things we’ve ever done at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. We felt a huge responsibility to properly celebrate the culture and mythology of the Pacific Islands, in an epic tale involving demigods, monsters, vast ocean voyages, beautiful lush islands, and a sweeping musical visit to the village and people of Motunui. Join us as we discuss our partnership with our Pacific Islands consultants, known as our “Oceanic Story Trust,” the research and development we pursued, and the tremendous efforts of our team of engineers, artists and storytellers who brought the world of “Moana” to life.

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