“Stereographic displays of atmospheric model data” by Hasler and des Jardins

  • ©A. Frederick Hasler and Mary des Jardins




    Stereographic displays of atmospheric model data



    A system has been developed to display color stereographic time-lapsed sequences of outputs of three-dimensional atmospheric models. Contour lines and wind vectors derived from a model can be overlaid on a geostationary satellite image or displayed with map boundaries. The colors of these graphics can be changed interactively to highlight any desired feature or aid in interpreting relationships between parameters. The viewing portion of the system consists of a raster scan image display terminal with split screen capability and a stereoscopic viewing hood. The user of the system can observe model outputs in color and stereo as a function of time and in a manner which permits easy visualization and comparison. The system permits a meteorologist to visualize atmospheric parameters in a three-dimensional representation and correlate these parameters with information derived from satellite observations. This capability can significantly increase the user’s ability to interact with and understand complex meteorological relationships.


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