“Step Right Up, Everyone’s a Winner – The Making of ‘Toy Story 4’” by Moyer, Reeves, Williams, Jordan, Karski, et al. …

  • ©Bob Moyer, William (Bill) T. Reeves, Derek Williams, Thomas Jordan, Steve Karski, Sajan Skaria, Amy Jones, and Ariela Federov




    Step Right Up, Everyone's a Winner – The Making of ‘Toy Story 4’


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    Toy Story 4 continues the rich history of the previous three films, while also expanding the world and exposing the characters to new and exciting challenges. For Woody, a journey far beyond the kids’ rooms and neighborhoods he’s always known introduces him to new faces that test his assumptions of what it means to be there for a child. And of course, he’ll need the help of some old friends to navigate the adventures he encounters. In this session, the crew will discuss how the sets, characters, cinematography and even pipeline were all developed to celebrate this next chapter. Please keep your hands inside the ride at all times.

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