“State-of-the-Art in Image Synthesis” by Gardner, Porter, Reeves, Smith and Stock

  • ©Geoffrey Y. Gardner, Thomas (Tom) K. Porter, William (Bill) T. Reeves, Alvy Ray Smith, and Rodney Stock



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    State-of-the-Art in Image Synthesis

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    Who should attend?

    This course is intended for computer graphics researchers and those requiring an in-depth knowledge of image synthesis. Only limited overview material will be provided.

    Recommended background

    A basic understanding of three-dimensional modeling primitives and rendering algorithms is suggested.

    Course description

    This course will consist of six one-hour informal lectures Covering recent developments in complex image synthesis. The lectures will be on as yet unpublished research, covering topics such as image compositing algorithms and hardware, real-time texture mapping, motion blur and procedural modeling of complex natural objects.

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    Pete Segal

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