“State of the Art in Data Visualization” Chaired by Mark Smith

  • ©Mark Smith, Matthew Arrott, T. Todd Elvins, Lawrence (Larry) Gelberg, Georges (George) Grinstein, Arie E. Kaufman, Rainald Loehner, and Hikmet Senay



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    State of the Art in Data Visualization

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    Active participants in data visualization relay the latest research, ideas, and experiences. Each speaker appears more briefly in favor of providing exposure to a larger number of different views, keeping the discussion focused on the truly latest and state-of­ the-art work.

    Course also discusses the latest technical details of visualization research in-depth. A unique opportunity to hear ideas and experiences that are not ready for, or are usually omitted from, formal publication. No representation of earlier papers or 1989 technical session topic repeats.

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