““Star Wars: Battlefront” – Game Development in the Star Wars Universe!” by Brown, Andersson, Ryman, Egleus and Carlén

  • ©Kenneth Brown, Jonas Andersson, Pontus Ryman, Anders Egleus, and Oscar Carlén




    “Star Wars: Battlefront” – Game Development in the Star Wars Universe!


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    The DICE team reveals some of the work that went into “Star Wars: Battlefront,” their award-winning, visually stunning game. They share challenges they faced, discuss their approach to overcoming those challenges, and offer a candid, open conversation about their process. Specific topics include PBR, photogrammetry, vertex shading, fragment shading, Enlighten, tessellation, and optimizations. Attendees learn how DICE works; explore the challenges developers face when dealing with high-profile assets such as iconic characters, planets and weapons; understand the solutions to those challenges, and engage the creators in a panel discussion.

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