“Spellbinder: a medium for social interaction in branded city space”




    Spellbinder: a medium for social interaction in branded city space


    Spellbinder is a new interactive digital medium based on camera phones and image matching. Using Spellbinder, digital content can be embedded in the real world by taking a photograph of an object or place. The digital content can be released by another user by taking another photograph of the same location. Spellbinder does not require special markers or barcodes to be placed in the world. Unlike tracking technologies such as global positioning systems, the focus is on what specifically is being looked at rather than where the user is. The Branded Tribes research project is exploring uses of this technology for social interaction in city spaces using an approach of research by design. Graphics of real world brandscapes are used as placeholders for virtual computer graphics. We report innovative outcomes from the first phase of this research.


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