“Space-time editing of elastic motion through material optimization and reduction” by Li, Huang, Goes, Jin, Bao, et al. …

  • ©Siwang Li, Jin Huang, Fernando de Goes, Xiaogang Jin, Hujun Bao, and Mathieu Desbrun




    Space-time editing of elastic motion through material optimization and reduction

Session/Category Title:   Subspace & Spacetime




    We present a novel method for elastic animation editing with space-time constraints. In a sharp departure from previous approaches, we not only optimize control forces added to a linearized dynamic model, but also optimize material properties to better match user constraints and provide plausible and consistent motion. Our approach achieves efficiency and scalability by performing all computations in a reduced rotation-strain (RS) space constructed with both cubature and geometric reduction, leading to two orders of magnitude improvement over the original RS method. We demonstrate the utility and versatility of our method in various applications, including motion editing, pose interpolation, and estimation of material parameters from existing animation sequences.


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