“Sonigraphite: Drawing Sounds as New Physical Expression” by Kitazawa, Miyamura and Okude

  • ©Ryoko Kitazawa, Hiroshi Miyamura, and Naohito Okude



Entry Number: 0029


    Sonigraphite: Drawing Sounds as New Physical Expression



    Sonigraphite is a digital device which allows people to draw a line and to generate sound. It is composed of sensors, a web-camera, a microphone, and paint. People can record any favorite sound to Sonigraphite and draw and tap a picture with it anywhere they like in the real world; for example, a big size of paper, a panel, or a wall. Then, Sonigraphite can generate music when people use it to draw a picture and can generate rhythm reflecting people’s action of tapping a picture with it. Moreover, it can make groovy music when people’s individual movements of drawing and tapping interact well with the real world. As we found that human’s drawing movement is interesting, we adopted people’s dynamic movement in the real world rather than a projector.  Our goal is to make a creative society, leveraging the unique function of Sonigraphite. It is a society in which people can enjoy themselves using human bodies to express a delicate and spicy movement. This process can be used to deepen a relationship with friends. Moreover, the more people feel enjoyment to express themselves by using their bodies, the more they practice Sonigraphite. This society strengthens human’s independent and creative activities.

    When Sonigraphite is used at a club event, customers themselves make the mood of the event by drawing pictures and making music. Thus conventional club events would be changed dramatically. Not only club events but also desolate parks could be changed to pleasant places by Sonigraphite. It can make space more pleasant and creative.


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    We would like to thank Yuichiro Katsumoto of Keio University for technical assistance during this project. 


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