“Somigliana Coordinates: an elasticity-derived approach for cage deformation” by Chen, Goes and Desbrun

  • ©Jiong Chen, Fernando de Goes, and Mathieu Desbrun




    Somigliana Coordinates: an elasticity-derived approach for cage deformation

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    In this paper, we present a novel cage deformer based on elasticity-derived matrix-valued coordinates. In order to bypass the typical shearing artifacts and lack of volume control of existing cage deformers, we promote a more elastic behavior of the cage deformation by deriving our coordinates from the Somigliana identity, a boundary integral formulation based on the fundamental solution of linear elasticity. Given an initial cage and its deformed pose, the deformation of the cage interior is deduced from these Somigliana coordinates via a corotational scheme, resulting in a matrix-weighted combination of both vertex positions and face normals of the cage. Our deformer thus generalizes Green coordinates, while producing physically-plausible spatial deformations that are invariant under similarity transformations and with interactive bulging control. We demonstrate the efficiency and versatility of our method through a series of examples in 2D and 3D.


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