“SmartBoxes for interactive urban reconstruction” by Nan, Sharf, Zhang, Cohen-Or and Chen

  • ©Liangliang Nan, Andrei Sharf, Hao Zhang, Daniel Cohen-Or, and Baoquan Chen




    SmartBoxes for interactive urban reconstruction



    We introduce an interactive tool which enables a user to quickly assemble an architectural model directly over a 3D point cloud acquired from large-scale scanning of an urban scene. The user loosely defines and manipulates simple building blocks, which we call SmartBoxes, over the point samples. These boxes quickly snap to their proper locations to conform to common architectural structures. The key idea is that the building blocks are smart in the sense that their locations and sizes are automatically adjusted on-the-fly to fit well to the point data, while at the same time respecting contextual relations with nearby similar blocks. SmartBoxes are assembled through a discrete optimization to balance between two snapping forces defined respectively by a data-fitting term and a contextual term, which together assist the user in reconstructing the architectural model from a sparse and noisy point cloud. We show that a combination of the user’s interactive guidance and high-level knowledge about the semantics of the underlying model, together with the snapping forces, allows the reconstruction of structures which are partially or even completely missing from the input.


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