“Smart motion synthesis” by Oshita

  • ©Masaki Oshita

  • ©Masaki Oshita




    Smart motion synthesis



    Making long motion sequences is a time-consuming task even with motion capture equipment or animation editing systems. We propose a smart motion synthesis system for making a long motion by combining existing motions. A user is asked to put input motions on the timeline. The system then automatically generates a continuous and natural motion (Figure 1). Recent animation systems such as MotionBulder, Maya, Softimage, 3ds Max also provide a similar interface for the same purpose with ours. However, they simply blend the overlapped segments of input motions. In order to get a continuous and natural motion, animators need to adjust appropriate blending ranges, additional constraints, motion speeds and so on. Menardais et al [MKMA04] proposed a similar approach with ours but they use only one synthesis method (motion transition).


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