“Sliding the Pieces into Place: Rigging the Pigeons of Spies in Disguise” by Gu, Aydogdu and Song

  • ©James Gu, Ozgur Aydogdu, and Steven L. Song



Entry Number: 53


    Sliding the Pieces into Place: Rigging the Pigeons of Spies in Disguise



    The birds of Spies in Disguise required several technological advancements and techniques to achieve the simple graphic style of the film. One technology was a re-designed wing rig with unique mechanics that allowed for clean lines and graphic shapes rather than our previous anatomical based wing rig. The production style also required extreme posing involving sliding limbs, large open mouth ranges and jiggly eyes. These requirements were achieved with a combination of new workflow techniques, updates to the pipeline and the creation and updating of proprietary deformers.


    Adam Burr, Steve Gressak, Matthew Doble, Christian Haniszewski, Ignacio Barrios, Brian Anderson, and Ferris Webby. 2015. “It’s a UVN face rig, Charlie Brown”: facial techniques for peanuts. In SIGGRAPH Talks.



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