“Sketch-based 3D shape retrieval” by Eitz, Hildebrand, Boubekeur and Alexa

  • ©Mathias Eitz, Kristian Hildebrand, Tamy Boubekeur, and Marc Alexa




    Sketch-based 3D shape retrieval



    As large collections of 3D models are starting to become as common as public image collections, the need arises to quickly locate models in such collections. Models are often insufficiently annotated such that a keyword based search is not promising. Our approach for content based searching of 3D models relies entirely on visual analysis and is based on the observation that a large part of our perception of shapes stems from their salient features, usually captured by dominant lines in their display. Recent research on such feature lines has shown that 1) people mostly draw the same lines when asked to depict a certain model and 2) the shape of an object is well represented by the set of feature lines generated by recent NPR line drawing algorithms [Cole et al. 2009]. Consequently, we suggest an image based approach for 3D shape retrieval, exploiting the similarity of human sketches and the results of current line drawing algorithms. Our search engine takes a sketch of the desired model drawn by a user as the input and compares this sketch to a set of line drawings automatically generated for each of the models in the collection.


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