“Simplification of hexahedral mesh” by Chao, Zhenyu and Jianrong

  • ©Pan Chao, Liu Zhenyu, and Tan Jianrong




    Simplification of hexahedral mesh



    Mesh simplification is an important and difficult problem in pretreatment and post-processing of finite element analysis (FEA). Simplification of tetrahedral mesh has been studied deeply in the past two decades. However, although hexahedral mesh is widely used in FEA, there is almost no related work about its simplification method.


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©Pan Chao, Liu Zhenyu, and Tan Jianrong ©Pan Chao, Liu Zhenyu, and Tan Jianrong ©Pan Chao, Liu Zhenyu, and Tan Jianrong

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