“Simple and Scalable Frictional Contacts for Thin Nodal Objects” by Daviet

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    Simple and Scalable Frictional Contacts for Thin Nodal Objects

Session/Category Title:   Contact and Collisions



    Frictional contacts are the primary way by which physical bodies interact, yet they pose many numerical challenges. Previous works have devised robust methods for handling collisions in elastic bodies, cloth, or fiber assemblies such as hair, but the performance of many of those algorithms degrades when applied to objects with different topologies or constitutive models, or simply cannot scale to high-enough numbers of contacting points. In this work we propose a unified approach, able to handle a large class of dynamical objects, that can solve for millions of contacts with unbiased Coulomb friction while keeping computation time and memory usage reasonable. Our method allows seamless coupling between the various simulated components that comprise virtual characters and their environment. Furthermore, our proposed approach is simple to implement and can be easily integrated in popular time integrators such as Projected Newton or ADMM.

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