“Silhouette clipping” by Sander, Gu, Gortler, Hoppe and Snyder

  • ©Pedro V. Sander, Xianfeng Gu, Steven J. Gortler, Hugues Hoppe, and John M. Snyder




    Silhouette clipping



    Approximating detailed with coarse, texture-mapped meshes results in polygonal silhouettes. To eliminate this artifact, we introduce silhouette clipping, a framework for efficiently clipping the rendering of coarse geometry to the exact silhouette of the original model. The coarse mesh is obtained using progressive hulls, a novel representation with the nesting property required for proper clipping. We describe an improved technique for constructing texture and normal maps over this coarse mesh. Given a perspective view, silhouettes are efficiently extracted from the original mesh using a precomputed search tree. Within the tree, hierarchical culling is achieved using pairs of anchored cones. The extracted silhouette edges are used to set the hardware stencil buffer and alpha buffer, which in turn clip and antialias the rendered coarse geometry. Results demonstrate that silhouette clipping can produce renderings of similar quality to high-resolution meshes in less rendering time.


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