“SIGGRAPH 2023 Opening Session & Keynote: Dario Gil, What’s Next in Quantum Computing” by Gil

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    SIGGRAPH 2023 Opening Session & Keynote: Dario Gil, What’s Next in Quantum Computing



    The history of computing has been defined by advances enabling ever more sophisticated calculations. These advances share the same model of computation, based on binary bits representing the intersection of information and mathematics. With innovations in semiconductors reducing energy or increasing performance to enable more sophisticated calculations, and advances in AI extracting powerful insights from data and providing unprecedented capabilities, the boundaries of this paradigm are constantly pushed. Now for the first time, there is a branching of computing paradigms with the emergence of quantum computing combining physics and information. It has the potential to solve problems out of reach for even the most powerful supercomputers. The intersection of both models — classical and quantum computation — will bring extraordinary computing power and efficiency. In this keynote, Dr. Gil will discuss the vision for a future of computing in which we seamlessly orchestrate classical and quantum resources. He will discuss recent progress indicating the utility of quantum computers and outline the path to achieving quantum advantage.

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