“SIGGRAPH 2020 Keynote Session: Invent the Impossible with Marco Tempest” by Tempest

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    SIGGRAPH 2020 Keynote Session: Invent the Impossible with Marco Tempest



    SIGGRAPH 2020 is excited to welcome Marco Tempest as our keynote speaker for the virtual conference. Tempest is a Director’s Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, a creative consultant at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an extended reality lead consultant for Accenture, and the founder and executive director of magicLab in New York City.

    “I am absolutely delighted to present at SIGGRAPH 2020,” Tempest says. “It is a true honor to share my creative practice and passion with such an incredible group of industry experts, scientists, designers, wizards, and artists.”

    Marco Tempest began his performing career as a stage magician and manipulator, winning awards and establishing an international reputation as a master illusionist. His interest in computer-generated imagery led him to incorporate video and digital technology in his work — and eventually to develop a new form of contemporary illusion.

    As a specialist in developing immersive experiences of future technologies, Tempest takes ideas about advanced technology, and how we might interact with it, to find innovative ways to bring those concepts to life. In his virtual presentation for SIGGRAPH 2020, Tempest will combine mixed reality, storytelling, gestural sensing, and swarm robotics to give participants a glimpse of a delightful augmented future right now.

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