“Shaping the Elements: Curvenet Animation Controls in Pixar’s Elemental” by Quang Nguyen, Talbot, Sheffler, Hessler, Fleischer, et al. …

  • ©Duc Quang Nguyen, Jeremie Talbot, William F. Sheffler, Mark Hessler, Kurt Fleischer, and Fernando de Goes




    Shaping the Elements: Curvenet Animation Controls in Pixar's Elemental

Session/Category Title: Rigging Without the Rig: New Methods in Character Animation



    This work presents a new shaping rig for creating fine animation controls deployed in Pixar’s feature film Elemental. We developed new tools that auto-generate surface-aligned orientations mapping animation controls into curvenet deformations. As a result, animators can quickly reshape the character articulation free of any extra rigging setup.

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