“Shape preserving mesh deformation”

  • ©Alla Sheffer and Vladislav Krayevoy

  • ©Alla Sheffer and Vladislav Krayevoy

  • ©Alla Sheffer and Vladislav Krayevoy




    Shape preserving mesh deformation



    Deformation is the process of interactively transforming the surface of a model in response to some control mechanism. It is commonly used for model editing and animation. Typically, mesh deformation techniques require global knowledge of the model structure (such as a skeleton) and are quite time consuming. We propose a new approach for 3D mesh deformation based on a small number of user-specified control vertices. Given the positions of the control vertices, our method computes the positions of the rest of the vertices, in a manner that best preserves the shape parameters of the source model. As demonstrated by Figure 1, we generate natural looking deformations in seconds with minimal user interaction.


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