“ShadowLight: A Flexible Architecture for Immersive Rapid Prototyping and Design” by Leetaru

  • ©Kalev Leetaru

  • ©Kalev Leetaru



Entry Number: 040


    ShadowLight: A Flexible Architecture for Immersive Rapid Prototyping and Design



    ShadowLight ™ is a virtual reality application that provides a spatially immersive environment for rapid prototyping and design. Rather than restricting users to the fixed tool kit of artistic or construction-centric manipulators of traditional systems, it provides a novel degree of flexibility by supporting a plugin architecture that allows the designer to utilize high-level components as the design media. Through this architecture, developers can create new functionality that integrates seamlessly with other elements in the Shadow Light framework. Each plugin provides its own interaction and simulation logic, allowing plugins that support static brush strokes to coexist with animated objects and complex physical simulations. Once a plugin is created, it may be used as an element on the designer’s palette to be freely utilized as the media for creation. A given design created in Shadow Light may consist of interactively drawn static brush strokes and polygonal elements side-by-side with interactively placed intelligent agents and physical simulations. Shadow Light provides a consistent and intuitive interface to this functionality, seamlessly integrating the differing media into a single design environment.


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