“Seeing Drawing” by Farshad and Baker

  • ©Fariba Farshad and Robin Baker

  • ©Fariba Farshad and Robin Baker




    Seeing Drawing



    Drawing is central to all that is produced within the broadest spectrum of art and design. It is the core around which the conceptual and intellectual development of students takes place. A number of art and design institutions in the UK are in the process of developing a family of products that address the important subject of drawing. The focus of the project is fundamentally and crucially concerned with the process of developing visual literacy mostly at the undergraduate level. The essential skills of drawing have become marginalised by a series of factors, and effective use of expensive and sophisticated software packages has been constrained by lack of understanding of drawing skills in many art and design applicants. A great deal of costly staff time is needed to retrieve this situation.

    Seeing Drawing addressed this problem by producing a resource that will have wide applicability to the subject of art and design, and to other related subjects. The products are readily integrated into teaching and learning practices within higher education, and they will reduce the amount of costly lecturer time presently expended on remedial work.


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