“Scents of Space: an interactive smell system”

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    Scents of Space: an interactive smell system


    Scents of Space is an interactive smell system that allows for three-dimensional placement of fragrances without dispersion, enabling the creation of dynamic olfactory zones and boundaries.
    The study of the human olfactory system has progressed rapidly in recent years. However, when architects and interactive designers use fragrance in spatial designs, they tend to do so merely for branding purposes or for suggestive advertising (e.g. pumping the smell of coffee out onto a street to attract people into a store). Such designs fail to pick up on the potentials for developing evocative and memorable experiences using the sense of smell. This project demonstrates how smell can be used spatially to create fragrance collages that form soft zones and boundaries that are configurable on-the-fly.
    Scents of Space posits that if an architectural space could be precisely “tuned” with scent collages, it would be possible to create completely new ways of experiencing, controlling and interacting with space.

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