“Scanning physical interaction behavior of 3D objects” by Pai, van den Doel, James, Lang, Lloyd, et al. …

  • ©Dinesh K. Pai, Kees van den Doel, Doug L. James, Jochen Lang, John E. Lloyd, Joshua L. Richmond, and Som H. Yau




    Scanning physical interaction behavior of 3D objects



    We describe a system for constructing computer models of several aspects of physical interaction behavior, by scanning the response of real objects. The behaviors we can successfully scan and model include deformation response, contact textures for interaction with force-feedback, and contact sounds. The system we describe uses a highly automated robotic facility that can scan behavior models of whole objects. We provide a comprehensive view of the modeling process, including selection of model structure, measurement, estimation, and rendering at interactive rates. The results are demonstrated with two examples: a soft stuffed toy which has significant deformation behavior, and a hard clay pot which has significant contact textures and sounds. The results described here make it possible to quickly construct physical interaction models of objects for applications in games, animation, and e-commerce.


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