“ROVer Ranch: A 3-D Learning Environment for K-12” by Smith

  • ©Stephanie L. Smith

  • ©Stephanie L. Smith

  • ©Stephanie L. Smith




    ROVer Ranch: A 3-D Learning Environment for K-12



    The ROVer Ranch is an online NASA project for K-12 students to learn about robotics engineering. The students assume a mission engineer’s role to design, build and test a robot in a 3-D mission simulator. Students activities are structured along the lines of the scientific method as they discover the what, why and how of robotics. The activities are presented in a variety of ways so educators can use different teaching methods with their students.

    The ROVer Ranch is sponsored by the NASA Learning Technologies Project (LTP), which is an Internet-based distance learning initiative that combines NASA research and advanced Internet technologies to create unique science learning environments. Technologies such as streaming media, real-time interactive gaming, 3-D simulations and remote manipulation of scientific instruments are some of the methods the LTP projects use to convey science lessons and NASA research.


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