“Robust Eulerian-on-Lagrangian Rods” by Sánchez-Banderas, Rodríguez, Barreiro and Otaduy

  • ©Rosa M. Sánchez-Banderas, Alejandro Rodríguez, Héctor Barreiro, and Miguel A. Otaduy




    Robust Eulerian-on-Lagrangian Rods

Session/Category Title:   Deformation and Cloth



    This paper introduces a method to simulate complex rod assemblies and stacked layers with implicit contact handling, through Eulerian-on-Lagrangian (EoL) discretizations. Previous EoL methods fail to handle such complex situations, due to ubiquitous and intrinsic degeneracies in the contact geom- etry, which prevent the use of remeshing and make simulations unstable. We propose a novel mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian discretization that supports accurate and efficient contact as in EoL methods, but is transparent to in- ternal rod forces, and hence insensitive to degeneracies. By combining the standard and novel EoL discretizations as appropriate, we derive mixed statics-dynamics equations of motion that can be solved in a unified manner with standard solvers. Our solution is simple and elegant in practice, and produces robust simulations on large-scale scenarios with complex rod ar- rangements and pervasive degeneracies. We demonstrate our method on multi-layer yarn-level cloth simulations, with implicit handling of both intra- and inter-layer contacts.

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