“Rhythm & Hues Studios Presents: How to Bake a Pi” by Rhythm & Hues Studios

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    Rhythm & Hues Studios Presents: How to Bake a Pi

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    Rhythm & Hues Studios


    Get a first-hand look at the story behind the stunning, Oscar-winning visuals of “Life of Pi” as Rhythm & Hues takes you on a journey from script to screen through a world of vast oceans, carnivorous islands, flying fish, bioluminescent jellyfish, whales, and tigers. Leaders from the visual effects team discuss in detail how they attempted to tackle the project, share the hard lessons learned along the way, and explain the complex process used to seamlessly combine live-action with extensive digital environments and hand-crafted character animation in a fully stereo pipeline that required a total rethink of much of the traditional VFX process.

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    Image credit: © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. Courtesy Rhythm & Hues Studios.

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