“Resumes and Demo Reels– If Yours Aren’t Working, Neither are You!” by Thompson

  • ©Pamela Kleibrink Thompson




    Resumes and Demo Reels-- If Yours Aren't Working, Neither are You!



    What does it take to get a job at a visual effects, computer animation or interactive company? This course shows how to open the door to interviews, put your life on a one-page resume, and showcase your talent in a three-minute-or-less demo reel.

    Getting you an interview with someone who can hire you is the purpose of the resume, portfolio and demo reel. Prepare them with care. Have others give you feedback before you send them out.

    There are many different jobs for artists. Determine what your strengths and interests are. Assess your skills. Design your marketing materials (the resume and demo reel) to reflect your strengths.

    Make it easy for the employer or recruiter to see your work and make it easy to contact you.


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