“Research and Development of K-12 Learning Games Via the Undergraduate Student” by Whittington and Nankivell

  • ©Jana Whittington and Kim James Nankivell




    Research and Development of K-12 Learning Games Via the Undergraduate Student



    There is an increasing amount of specific research on children’s interactive learning games and the fascination of video games. “The fact that children spend considerable amounts of time playing computer games is a phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed by educators”[Robertson and Good 2005]. This paper explores how an undergraduate Computer Graphics program can take advantage of current research while considering the k-12 curricula. The current traditional-undergraduate population consists of a vast reservoir of potential insights and curricula should be developed to take advantage of these insights. These students are one of the first groups of students where most have had technology available to them throughout there educational careers. This area is just newly explored and will take time to understand how it can actually enhance classroom activity and whether these technologies can be successfully integrated into the classroom.


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