“Rendering Methods for Models with Complicated Micro Structures” by Iwasawa, Shichijo and Kawaguchi

  • ©Shun Iwasawa, Naohiro Shichijo, and Yoichiro Kawaguchi

  • ©Shun Iwasawa, Naohiro Shichijo, and Yoichiro Kawaguchi



Entry Number: 017


    Rendering Methods for Models with Complicated Micro Structures



    The male Morpho Butterflies have peculiar vivid cobalt blue wings caused by microscopic structures on its scales. Its color is due to structural specificity and not caused by its pigments. Those reflectional color effects are known as “structural colors”.
    The methodology for representing structural colors has been extensively studied from the viewpoint of anisotropic reflection, but those studies are based on phenomenological modeling of reflectance functions and specific microstructures of the target surface are disregarded.
    In this paper, a physically sound structural model is proposed and a new rendering method is developed taking account of the effect of interference, diffraction, light scattering, and anisotropy and semi-periodicity of microstructure on its surface.


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