“Recent Advances in Haptic Rendering & Applications” by McNeely, Cohen, Johnson, Klatzky, Pai, et al. …

  • ©William (Bill) A. McNeely, Elaine Cohen, David Johnson, Roberta Klatzky, Kenneth (Kenn) Salisbury, Hong Z. Tan, and Russell (Russ) M. Taylor



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    Recent Advances in Haptic Rendering & Applications

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    Familiarity with basic 3D graphics, geometric operation, and elementary physics is highly recommended.

    Intended Audience
    Programmers and researchers who have done some implementation of 3D graphics and want to learn more about how to incorporate recent advances in haptic rendering with their 3D graphics applications or virtual environments. Also: people who are working in VR and other applications such as digital sculpting and painting, medical training, scientific visualization, CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, engineering design, education, and training.

    An overview of recent haptic rendering algorithms that use the sense of touch as a communication medium in addition to graphical display. The course also presents different approaches to designing touch-enabled interfaces for various applications, from scientific visualization, medical training, 3D-model design, and virtual prototyping to creative processes.


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