“Realizing the Compute Potential of the Mobile GPU” Moderated by Patrick Moorhead

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    Realizing the Compute Potential of the Mobile GPU





    Computing is evolving as smartphones and tablets increasingly become primary entertainment devices. This shift requires greater performance from mobile processors to deliver the same quality experiences that a PC or gaming console does, but without compromising battery life in a more compact mobile device form factor. 

    The mobile GPU offers tremendous computing potential to enable unprecedented experiences from vision for augmented reality, to game physics, geometry creation and image processing. This panel, composed of leading mobile graphics experts from Qualcomm, ARM, Google, Intel, Lytro and Pelican Imaging will cover the newest and best ways advanced programmers can take advantage of the massive computing power of today’s mobile GPUs. The discussion will cover the GPU and system architectures, as well as compute APIs like OpenCL and Renderscript to enable GPGPU. The panel will address the opportunities and challenges of GPU compute, the architecture required to support it, and their vision for where it will take us. 

    Designed for advanced programmers, as well as thought leaders in the industry, attendees will leave this session with a clear understanding of the latest developments in mobile GPU compute. Beyond what is possible today, industry experts on this panel will explore where mobile graphics are headed and discuss their companies’ respective visions for the future of mobile computing. 

    Attendees will have an opportunity at the end of the panel to pose questions


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