“Realistic Post-processing of Rendered 3D Scenes” by Feygina, Ignatov and Makarov

  • ©Anastasia Feygina, Dmitry I. Ignatov, and Ilya Makarov

  • ©Anastasia Feygina, Dmitry I. Ignatov, and Ilya Makarov



Entry Number: 42


    Realistic Post-processing of Rendered 3D Scenes



    In this talk, we show a realistic post-processing rendering based on generative adversarial network CycleWGAN. We propose to use CycleGAN architecture and Wasserstein loss function with additional identity component in order to transfer graphics from Grand Theft Auto V to the older version of GTA video-game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We aim to present the application of modern art style transfer and unpaired image-to-image translations methods for graphics improvement using deep neural networks with adversarial loss.


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    The work of D.I. Ignatov and I. Makarov was supported by the Russian Science Foundation under grant 17-11-01294 and performed at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia.


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