“Realistic Human Body Movement for Emotional Expressiveness” by Hertzmann, O’Sullivan and Perlin

  • ©Aaron Hertzmann, Carol O'Sullivan, and Ken Perlin



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    Realistic Human Body Movement for Emotional Expressiveness

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    Basic knowledge of human animation.  

    Humans express their emotions in many ways, in particular through face, eye and body motion. Therefore, the creators of virtual humans strive to convincingly depict emotional movements using a variety of methods. In this course, we focus on the use of realistic human body motion in the service of emotional expressiveness. Applications and research relating to procedural animation of humans with emotion and personality, biomechanical and physical principles of animation, physics-based human motion simulation, and data-driven animation will be reviewed. We will also provide some insights from the field of psychology and discuss issues relating to the perception and evaluation of realistic human body animation. 

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