“Real-time view synthesis using commodity graphics hardware” by Yang, Welch, Bishop and Towles

  • ©Ruigang Yang, Gregory F. Welch, Gary Bishop, and Herman Towles



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    Real-time view synthesis using commodity graphics hardware

Session/Category Title:   Image Technology



    We present a novel use of commodity graphics hardware that effectively combines a plane-sweeping algorithm [Collins 1996] and view synthesis in a single step for real-time, on-line 3D view synthesis. Unlike typical stereo algorithms that use image-based metrics to estimate depths, we focus on using image-based metrics to directly estimate images. Using real-time imagery from a few calibrated cameras, our method can generate new images from nearby viewpoints, without any prior geometric information or requiring any user interaction, in real time and on line.


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    2. Kilgard, M. J. 2000. A Practical and Robust Bump-mapping Technique for Today’s GPUs. In Game Developers Conference 2000.

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