“Real time digital image generation” by Szabo

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    Real time digital image generation



    The first significant application of real time digitally generated raster images is in the area of simulation for pilot training. At present, digitally generated raster images are employed for the training of commercial airline pilots, military pilots, and astronauts.

    Real time image generation is a much more demanding task than performing the same with no predetermined time requirement. The former requires extremely high data rates since a complete image has to be computed in 1/30 of a second, and this image must typically contain a high degree of detail which can be displayed only on a 1000 line color display. Consequently, the computational speed requirements for these real time systems exceed by far the capabilities of any general purpose hardware. This implies that the overall image processor consist of a pipeline system, the elements of which perform coordinate transformation, clipping, projection, and continuous shading calculations.

    In addition to the above tasks, real time image generators must also be free of such effects as rastering and aliasing. This presentation will discuss the techniques used for real time image generation and some of the remaining challenges in this field.

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