“Real-Time Approximation of Convincing Spider Behaviour” by Herbst and Schulze

  • ©Felix Herbst and Alexander Schulze

  • ©Felix Herbst and Alexander Schulze



Entry Number: 84


    Real-Time Approximation of Convincing Spider Behaviour



    Convincing and natural motions and animations of animal behaviour are widely used in computer animated movies and video games. Cenydd (2013) provides a survey of arthropod animation algorithms, but does not include spider movements on predefined paths like strands of a web, which is – as far as we know – not covered by current research. Aiming at integrating animated spiders and web weaving in mobile video games, we suggest an algorithm to model spiders moving to a user-defined destination. The path is constrained by an underlying web, which is created by the user and optimized by verlet integration for a sufficiently realistic representation. All introduced methods can be computed in real-time, even on less powerful devices.


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