“Real-time 3D interaction for augmented and virtual reality” by Prince, Cheok, Farbiz, Williamson, Johnson, et al. …

  • ©Simon J. D. Prince, Adrian David Cheok, Farzam Farbiz, Todd Williamson, Nik Johnson, Mark Nathan Billinghurst, and Hirokazu Kato



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    Real-time 3D interaction for augmented and virtual reality

Session/Category Title:   Virtual Reality Techniques



    We demonstrate a real-time 3-D augmented reality video-conferencing system. The observer sees the real world from his viewpoint, but modified so that the image of a remote collaborator is rendered into the scene. For each frame, we estimate the transformation between the camera and a fiducial marker using techniques developed in Kato and Billinghurst [1999]. We use a shape-from-silhouette algorithm to generate the appropriate view of the collaborator in real time. This is based on simultaneous measurements from fifteen calibrated cameras that surround the collaborator. The novel view is then superimposed upon the real world image and appropriate directional audio is added. The result gives the strong impression that the virtual collaborator is a real part of the scene.


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