“Quest for Magic: The Making of Pixar’s Onward” by Best, Tam, Allen, Kanyuk, Brooks, et al. …

  • ©Tim Best, Renee Tam, Amy Allen, Paul Kanyuk, Jacob Brooks, Ana G. Lacaze, Sequoia Blankenship, Courtney Kent, and Cody Harrington




    Quest for Magic: The Making of Pixar’s Onward


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    Pixar Animation Studios


    Onward tells an original, heartfelt story of two brothers’ quest to reunite with their late father. An epic journey presents the film’s audience with a unique world full of settings and situations that are simultaneously exotic and familiar. Onward’s crew faced a similarly varied set of challenges: some fantastic, some mundane, some both at the same time. In this session, the crew will discuss the process of creating Onward’s unusual characters, diverse environments, and magic.


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