“Quadrangulation through morse-parameterization hybridization” by Fang, Bao, Tong, Desbrun and Huang

  • ©Xianzhong Fang, Hujun Bao, Yiying Tong, Mathieu Desbrun, and Jin Huang



Entry Number: 92


    Quadrangulation through morse-parameterization hybridization

Session/Category Title:   Fields and Remeshing




    We introduce an approach to quadrilateral meshing of arbitrary triangulated surfaces that combines the theoretical guarantees of Morse-based approaches with the practical advantages of parameterization methods. We first construct, through an eigensolver followed by a few Gauss-Newton iterations, a periodic four-dimensional vector field that aligns with a user-provided frame field and/or a set of features over the input mesh. A field-aligned parameterization is then greedily computed along a spanning tree based on the Dirichlet energy of the optimal periodic vector field, from which quad elements are efficiently extracted over most of the surface. The few regions not yet covered by elements are then upsampled and the first component of the periodic vector field is used as a Morse function to extract the remaining quadrangles. This hybrid parameterization- and Morse-based quad meshing method is not only fast (the parameterization is greedily constructed, and the Morse function only needs to be upsampled in the few uncovered patches), but is guaranteed to provide a feature-aligned quad mesh with non-degenerate cells that closely matches the input frame field over an arbitrary surface. We show that our approach is much faster than Morse-based techniques since it does not require a densely tessellated input mesh, and is significantly more robust than parameterization-based techniques on models with complex features.


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