“Progressive volume rendering of unstructured grids on modern GPUs” by Callahan, Bavoil, Pascucci and Silva

  • ©Steven P. Callahan, Louis Bavoil, Valerio Pascucci, and Claudio T. Silva




    Progressive volume rendering of unstructured grids on modern GPUs



    We have developed a new progressive technique that allows real-time volume rendering of large tetrahedral meshes. Our approach incrementally streams portions of the mesh to a hardware-assisted volume renderer and displays approximations that increase in quality until a full-quality rendering is achieved. The results of previous steps are stored as image data and re-used in each subsequent refinement, thus leading to an efficient rendering. Our interactive representation of the dataset is efficient, light-weight, and high quality. The result is a level-of-detail framework for interactive exploration of tetahedral datasets too large to render using conventional approaches.


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    2. Callahan, S. P., Bavoil, L., Pascucci, V., and Silva, C. T. 2006. Progressive volume rendering of large unstructured grids. Technical Report UUSCI-2006-019, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah.

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