“Programmatic Visualizations In Mathematics” by Sanderson

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    Programmatic Visualizations In Mathematics



    Having spent so much time using computer graphics to teach math, Grant Sanderson is excited to engage with the graphics community. While making videos that use programmatic visualizations to explain some topic in mathematics, the visualizations themselves often require a lot of interesting mathematics which never get mentioned in the final video. In this session, Sanderson will discuss some of the more interesting examples of mathematical nuances that popped up while illustrating 3Blue1Brown.

    Grant Sanderson is the author of the YouTube channel 3Blue1Brown, which focuses on higher mathematics with a distinct visual perspective and has over 3.5 million subscribers. Sanderson graduated from Stanford University in 2015 having studied math and computer science. Before focusing his full attention on 3Blue1Brown, he worked for Khan Academy from 2015 to 2016 as part of their content fellowship program, producing videos and articles about multivariable calculus. In 2020, Sanderson became a creator and lecturer for the MIT course Introduction to Computational Thinking.

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