“Procedural Terrains on Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur”

  • ©Lane Pertusi, Iñigo Quilez, and Noah Klocek

  • ©Lane Pertusi, Iñigo Quilez, and Noah Klocek



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    Procedural Terrains on Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur



    One of the major challenges of designing The Good Dinosaur was establishing continuity and context of the environments as early in the process as possible. It’s one thing to talk about how a scene will feel with a sixty foot dinosaur walking along a ridge in the rockies, but nothing compares with visualizing that sixty foot dinosaur on a ridge in the rockies. Establishing the terrain at the outset and maintaining it as the anchor throughout production was one of the driving forces in the design of every set.


    Garcia, D., Quilez, I., Dixon, D., Fedorov, A., Kuruc, M., and Fong, S. F. 2015. Environment rendering optimization for pixar’s the good dinosaur. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Talks, ACM, New York, NY, USA, SIGGRAPH ’15, 62:1–62:1.



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