“Privacy, Safety and Wellbeing: Solutions for the Future of AR and VR” Moderated by

  • ©Callie Holderman, Eakta Jain, Michael Running Wolf, and Liv Erickson



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    Privacy, Safety and Wellbeing: Solutions for the Future of AR and VR



    As new immersive technology platforms are developed, it’s imperative that they’re designed responsibly and in a way that protects people’s privacy, safety, and wellbeing. Today, companies, as well as AR/VR creators, need to be cognizant of the potential societal impacts of the XR platforms and experiences they’re building. This panel discusses: The panelists have a deep expertise in these areas spanning industry and academia. Dr. Eakta Jain brings perspective on eye tracking, surveillance, policy and privacy-preserving technical solutions. Liv Erickson shares insights from open-source XR communities and designing privacy-centric XR platforms for the web. Michael Running Wolf intersects academia and large MANGA companies as a lecturer and software engineer respectively, formerly working on Amazon Alexa’s privacy and compliance team. His passion is how XR platforms can revive indigenous culture responsibly and ethically. Callie Holderman builds developer platforms for immersive technologies. The panelists discuss XR privacy’s ethical considerations and provide recommendations for future research including software design and interoperability.


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