“Principal components analysis of 3-D scanned human heads” by Xi, Shu and Rioux

  • ©Pengcheng Xi, Chang Shu, and Marc Rioux

  • ©Pengcheng Xi, Chang Shu, and Marc Rioux




    Principal components analysis of 3-D scanned human heads



    Modeling and creation of realistic human heads have applications in various domains, including computer animation, electronic games, virtual environment, film production, etc. Often the characters designed by artists are far from being human-like. In crowd simulation, characters tend to have the same or similar face appearances. In 3D games, it is important for users to have plenty of selections of 3D avatars. We explore an approach, which makes use of 3D scans of real persons to reconstruct countless new faces. The reconstructed faces based on principal components analysis have differences in ethnicity, gender, face shape, height and weight.


    1. Allen, B., Curless, B., and Popovic, Z. 2003. The space of human body shapes: reconstruction and parameterization from range scans. In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2003, ACM Press / ACM SIGGRAPH, Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, ACM, 587–594.

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©Pengcheng Xi, Chang Shu, and Marc Rioux

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