“Presented by Unity: Omni, Meta, Uni, and All the Other Verses You Care About” by West

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    Presented by Unity: Omni, Meta, Uni, and All the Other Verses You Care About



    Once considered nothing more than science fiction, the discussion of spatial computing becoming ubiquitous in our lives is livelier than ever before. Join Unity’s Timoni West as they share their thoughts for where we are today, what’s preventing us from diving in head first, and understanding whether the elements of a tri-metaverse may already be here.

    Timoni West is the vice president of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality tools at Unity, managing a team of cross-disciplinary artists and engineers to push the technical boundaries of how we can create a future we all want to live in. Their team explores how humans will interact with computers in the future and what tools Unity needs to make to enable that future. Timoni is at the forefront of creating tools that improve cognition and intent, digitally augmented social and physical spaces, applied machine learning, and hardware for new mediums. A longtime technologist, Timoni was formerly SVP at Alphaworks, co-founder of Recollect, and CEO of Department of Design, a digital agency. They’ve worked for startups across the country, including Foursquare, Flickr, Causes, and Airtime.

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