“Pre-Computed Radiance Transfer: Theory and Practice” by Lehtinen, Kautz and Sloan

  • ©Jaakko Lehtinen, Jan Kautz, and Peter-Pike Sloan



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    Pre-Computed Radiance Transfer: Theory and Practice

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    Some knowledge of a low-level graphics API such as DirectX or OpenGL. Knowledge of shading algorithms, linear algebra, and basic global illumination is useful.

    Intended Audience
    Everybody who is interested in realistic real-time shading. The course is designed for people who already have some knowledge of real-time rendering and want to learn a more sophisticated shading technique.

    Realistic shading and how it can be achieved using precomputed radiance transfer. The course covers: the theory underlying a general model of shading and shadowing for real-time rendering, basic radiance transfer techniques, more advanced techniques that incorporate higher-frequency lighting and arbitrary BRDFs, the differences among these algorithms, and insights the presenters have gained working in this area. And it includes implementation details and a complete theoretical derivation.


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