“Post-Linear Digital Video: Editing, Transcoding, and Content Distribution” by Waite and Hoffert

  • ©Clea T. Waite and Eric M. Hoffert


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    Post-Linear Digital Video: Editing, Transcoding, and Content Distribution

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    Working knowledge of video and computer graphics, basic familiarity with non-linear digital editing techniques, and digital media standards (QuickTime, Windows Media, etc.).

    Overview of non-linear video editing for output to various multi-channel media; multiple timelines; stereoscopic films; synchronization; media format conversions; compression algorithms; parallel transcoding; digital media distribution including point to point, point to multipoint, multicast; peer to peer; open vs. secure content; parallel distribution.

    Tools for digital video post-production now support content creation for multiple media, including: TV, film, web, broadband, mobile devices, and multi-channel installations. Media conversion and digital distribution are required during and after content creation. This course reviews conventional and unconventional digital post-production techniques, focusing on multi-channel forms, transcoding, and distribution.

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